Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of Captives

Secretariat of the Family

Secretariat of the Family

The goal of the Secretariat of the Family is that: “our fraternity foments, as far as possible, special relationships with the other institutes of the Trinitarian Family and their members. It practices this, preserving the primitive spirit of the Order, especially in the sharing of goods and in assistance and collaboration” (CC. No. 187).

“The Trinitarian Family, which is based on the participation, of different kinds, of several members in the same charism and spirit of the Order, requires that among said various members there should be relationships, there should be closer cooperation and mutual help should be offered” (G.D. No. 387).


Antonio Aurelio Fernández Serrano (Spain),

President of the Secretariat of the Family, Trinitarian Secretariat and General SIT.

E-mail: famiglia@trinitari.org; sit.internazionale@gmail.com