Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of Captives

International Trinitarian Solidarity (SIT)

International Trinitarian Solidarity

In support of persecuted Christians

Christians persecuted around the world

According to data collected by the World Watch list for the period from May 2022 to May 2023, there were more than 360 million Christians living in countries where they incur great risks because of their Christian faith.

Christians at risk for their faith 360 000 000
Christians killed for their faith 5621
Christians abducted for their faith 4542
Christian churches taken by assault 2110


The redemption of captives is the work of mercy par excellence: in the captive one encounters Christ who is hungry and thirsty, naked and sick, a pilgrim and in prison (cf. Mt 25:35-36).The Order of the Most Holy Trinity, founded by St. John de Matha and approved by Pope Innocent III in 1198 took the option for captives and the poor eight centuries ago in the name and to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Order born at the time of the Crusades has always fulfilled its mission in the way of peace. Trinitarians freed hundreds of thousands of Christian and Muslim slaves. For centuries, the Trinitarian Order has been the Church’s humanitarian meeting place with the world of Islam. There are many contexts of slavery, persecution and oppression in the world today because of one’s faith. In a long list of countries, the Trinitarian mission is cruelly relevant. We Trinitarians have sought to alleviate the scourge of captivity: “Your Order has made the liberation of the oppressed and love for the poor a qualifying feature of its mission in the Church and in the world” (John Paul II, 7/6/1998). The Order of the Most Holy Trinity, “so ancient and so new” (cf. Paul VI, 9/1/1974), with the collaboration of the Trinitarian Family, renews its redemptive commitment in fidelity to its origins. This Family currently present in 32 countries, has 600 religious, 300 nuns, 2,500 women religious of the various Trinitarian Institutes of Valence, Seville, Rome, Magliorca, Madrid, Valencia and Oblates of the Secular Institute, 15,000 Trinitarian Laymen of the different Associations and a multitude of 250,000 Friends and Co-workers around the world.


Faithful to our redemptive mission and to the evangelical roots present in the Rule of our common Father St. John de Matha, we Trinitarians want to continue to be bearers of solidarity and communion in favor of the victims of persecution, torture and oppression: in this specific context and always within the framework of our Order arises the organizational structure called S.I.T. (International Trinitarian Solidarity) with headquarters in Rome, at the General Curia and peripheral offices in all the countries where Trinitarians and Trinitarian Sisters are present. The S.I.T. may, in addition, be joined by associations and bodies that share its principles and objectives, even if they belong to other religious denominations. S.I.T.’s specific purpose is the ever-increasing outreach aimed at those persecuted because of their faith. All this, through programs and concrete actions of liberation and reception in those countries where most, still today, such disturbing situations are manifested.


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