Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of Captives

Apostolate Secretariat


This secretariat is intended to help the Order, to be ever more attentive to the Lord’s mandate to proclaim the Gospel to all people and throughout the world. We are a missionary Order and we cannot neglect this characteristic. This Secretariat needs to be attentive to our many realities of evangelization and missionary work and thus contribute to the general government of the Order with suggestions that can be helpful for the appropriate and timely animation of the Trinitarian apostolate in the world, always keeping in mind our charismatic values.

Program of the General Secretariat for the Apostolate

Rediscover, live and root our apostolate in the apostolic message of our founder in the line of communion and mission.

Priorities set by the General Chapter:

  1. Save the highly charismatic presence in Cairo (make the presence lasting, prepare new clergy, develop the presence with the Sudanese and persecuted Christians), thus a dual presence.

Cairo as the usual place of residence of apostolic presence in Arab countries and stronger support toward Sudanese refugees. That is why we need to work quickly to clarify and promote the project, which, certainly, depends on the General Council but also, first and foremost, on the Provincial Ministers.

  1. Promotion and clarification of the SIT body. A few names of clergymen for the presidency are mentioned. Appointment by General Council after notice of provincials heard at the October 2007 Enlarged General Council.
  2. Working toward charismatic formation (in collaboration with the Secretariat for Formation in the project of the year of preparation for solemn profession.
  3. Work in collaboration with other members of the Trinitarian Family in order to develop shared apostolates in neighboring places in different communities (in collaboration with the Family Secretariat and COPEFAT).
  4. These different points will help revise Chapter V of the Constitutions.

Mission Ad Gentes

“Since thewhole Church is missionary, and the work of evangelization is the fundamental duty of the People of God,” our Order also fulfills this duty in a direct form in the mission lands themselves; which, in truth, responds to our spirit, heritage and tradition. In the missions, in fact, the Order promotes the redemption of people, exercises works of charity and apostolate, builds, through baptism, new temples and shrines of the Trinity” (CC No. 71).

Compare also G.D. no. 89-94
Mission lands where Trinitarians work: Egypt, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Brazil, India, Congo-Brazaville, Gabon, Madagascar. Responsible for the missionary apostolate is Fr. Luigi Buccarello, General Minister.


Maximilien Daudet Tsirahonandresy Maherisoa (Madagascar),

President of the Secretariat for the Apostolate.

E-mail: apostolato@trinitari.org