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    Secretariat for the Family

« Our brotherhood encourages a special relationship with the other institutes of the Trinitarian Family and with their members. This relationship is particularly beneficial to safeguard the original spirit of the Order, as well as to share in the Order’s spiritual richness and to provide reciprocal assistance and cooperation » (CC n. 187)
«The Trinitarian Family – which is based on the various participation of its members in the charism and spirit of the Order – requires that there be a special relationship, close collaboration and mutual help among the various members» (D.G. n. 387)

    Trinitarian Secretariat

1) The brothers must constantly promote, in words and in action, the worship of and devotion to the Most Holy Trinity. To do this, they must also use modern means and tools, in order to help people to know and love the One and Triune God, especially in his relationship with humankind and in the things that witness to and manifest his life-giving presence in human hearts and in the world (CC. 73).

2) The mystery of the One and Triune God is the beginning, the foundation and the end of the experience of human salvation.
Therefore, every apostolate, and that of our Order in particular, must be based on the mystery of the Holy Trinity.
In order to better accomplish this, the Order must set up centers and special courses for investigating and disseminating the most recent developments in the doctrine of this fundamental mystery of our faith.
It is also necessary to consider and live the mystery of the Trinity not separately, but in connection with the other elements of the consecrated life and of the Order's apostolate (D.G. 101).

    Secretariat for the Formation
Goal of the formation Secretary is to give a rather assiduous instruction on the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity and His eternal plan of salvation to all the brothers. “So that the formation of the religious shall be better coordinated and have the support of those in authority, there should be set up for the entire Order and in each Province, a Secretariate Councils, to which he or the Secretary is directly responsible, in accord with the particular Statutes. This Secretary, or secretary, is concerned with everything that refers to the formation of the religious” (D.G. 108).

The Order’s spirit, purpose and life-style stem “from the root of charity”. Our forefathers, stirred by the dangers which threatened the faith, and sensitive to human suffering, wanted to provide spiritual and social remedies for the more pressing ills of their time, particularly for the captivity of Christians.
            And so, in light of the evolution and the progress of present-day society, the Order’s task and duty is to render a service of mercy and redemption, “so that all may share in the glorious freedom of the children of God” (Rom 8, 21):
            a) on behalf of those who suffer persecution for the sake of Christ or whose Christian faith is in jeopardy or in hampered;
            b) on behalf of those who are deprived of their rights of freedom and justice and who are subjected to sufferings and hardships of body and spirit; on behalf of the poor and the neglected, whom the Brothers will help by works of mercy and by other endeavors of human promotion;
            c) on behalf of those people do not yet believe in Christ, by assuming the task of spreading the Gospel and of implanting the Church in their midst. The Order will offer this service in accord with its own specific spirit and character primarily in those regions where the social advancement of the people needs most to be promoted;
            d) on behalf of the Christian faithful whose faith needs to be sustained or strengthened through ministerial service or apostolic activity which the Brothers will perform, according with the Order’s own spirit and character, in the various undertaking which the Church has entrusted to the Order (CC n. 5).

Cf.: D.G. n. 86, 87, 88, 89, 96, 97, 101.

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