Centenary 1998-1999

The Trinitarian Order, together with the whole Trinitarian Family, is celebrating the VIII Century of its Foundation (1198-1998) and the IV Centenary of the Reform (1599-1999), from December 17, 1998 till December 17, 1999. Eight hundred years of history of a particular evangelic project initiated in the Church at the end of the XII Century by the Frenchman John of Matha.

From the time of his student years and master in theology, John of Matha sought the will of God for him. When he as thirty he felt a very intense calling from God and he decide to be ordained of priest. During his first Mass, God showed him His will: he saw Christ the Redeemer holding two captives in his hands.

God wanted him to be dedicated to the work of redemption of captives: he will offer to the Church a new evangelic charism whose essential elements are defined in the terms: Trinity and Redemption.

His brothers will be called brothers of the house of the Trinity, they will dedicate themselves to the works of mercy, and in a special way to the ransom of christian captives, for which purpose they will set aside a third of all their goods.

During an era of warring swords and holy wars, John of Matha proposed a different gospel alternative, based on charity, on tolerance, on peaceful coexistence and on christian solidarity. His work was very well received by Pope Innocent III and in a few years was extended throughout Europe. Now eight hundred years of redemptive work has been completed a great history worthy to be remembered and celebrated, not only by the Trinitarians, but also by the trinitarian Sisters and lay people, since the original project of John of Matha had developed through history giving birth to new religious institutes and new forms of the lay life. All these make up the Trinitarian Family.

Our celebrations are two-fold, since they also include the four hundred years since the granting of the Brief of the Trinitarian Reform, started by St. John the Baptist of the Conception (1561-1613). The holy reformer infused new strength and spirit in the charism of John of Matha. Return to the fervor of the beginnings was the purpose of the Reform.

In the atmosphere of preparation for the jubilee of 2000, jolted by the strong wind of the Spirit who breaths on these centenary celebrations, the whole Trinitarian Family turns to face its gospel and charismatic origins. From a mature, creative and dynamic fidelity to its original charism, it wants to launch itself with new determination to fulfill its mission of charity and redemption for the victims of persecution, martyrdom and oppression. The new slaveries ask for help in a special way from the Trinitarian Brothers and Sisters of our time.

In the communion of an identical charism, the members of the Trinitarian Family, from different parts of the world, proclaim the true liberty for those who lack it, promote the dignity of the poor and oppressed, receive the refugees, emigrants and travelers, help those in the most need, proclaim the gospel in mission lands, perform pastoral ministry according to the proper nature of its charism.

Trinitarian Brothers and Sisters, born for the glory of the Trinity and the redemption of captives, are today witnesses in the church and for the word of God Trinity and apostles of the redemption.


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