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Trinitarian Saints
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The Trinitarian seed sown by St. John of Matha has produced abundant fruit of sanctity in the Church:
St. Felix of Valoix, (?-1212), coworker of St. John of Matha, one of the hermits who made up the first Trinitarian community in Cerfroid, cofounder of the Trinitarian Order.
St. John Baptist of the Conception, (1561-1613), mystic and writer, reformer of the Trinitarian Order teacher of spiritual life, witness of the life of prayer, penitence and apostolate.
St. Simón de Rojas, (1552-1624), a life dedicated to the teaching and governing of the brothers. Counselor of the great personages of the Spanish court, great apostle of the devotion to Mary, founder of the Congregation of Ave Maria for the service to the poor and sick.
St. Michael of Saints, (1591-1625), unequaled figure of Spanish mysticism, teacher of spiritual literature, patron of the Trinitarian youth and of the diocese of Vic (Barcelona), considered by popular devotion intercessor for cancer sufferers.
Blessed Marc Criado, (1522-1549), preacher of the Christian faith in andalusian territories, martyr for the Gospel.
Blessed Domingo Iturrate Zubero,(1901-1927), young witness of the love of God in the perfect fulfillment of the simple actions of ordinary life, model of religious life.
Venerable Thomas of the Virgin, (1587-1647),counselor of popes, bishops and governors, model of hope from the mystery of suffering, because of his long sickness in place of announcing Christ crucified.
Venerable Francisco Méndez Casariego, (1850-1924), founder of the Congregation of the Trinitarian Sisters of Madrid, a life given over to the liberation of young women in need.
Félix de la Virgen, (1902-1951), model of religious life and humility, director of religious, popular preacher.
These are considered servants of God: Juan del Aguila, Juan de Palacios and Bernard de Monroy, martyrs of Argel, Pedro Garrido, Trinitarian Tertiary, Hermenegildo and Companions, Francisca de la Encarnacion.
Blessed Ana María Taigi,(1769-1837), wife and mother of a family, Trinitarian tertiary, woman of great mystic life, did wonderful works of charity for the poor and needy, patron of Female Catholic Action of Italy.
Blessed Elisabeth Canori Mora, (1774-1825), wife and mother of a family, Trinitarian Tertiary, martyr of the faithful love in the life of matrimony, exposing the height of mystical life.
Venerable Theresa Cucchiari (1735-1801), Trinitarian Tertiary, foundress of the Trinitarian Sisters of Rome, a life dedicated to the education of poor children.
Marcela de San Félix (1605-1687), daughter of Lope de Vega, cloistered Trinitarian of Madrid, of a holy life, one of the main female lyric writers of the XVII in Spain.
Angela M. of the Conception, (1649-1690), reformer of the cloistered Trinitarian Sisters, foundress of the monastery of Trinitarian Sisters of El Toboso, mystic writer.
Servant of God Isabel of the Most Holy trinity, (1693-1774), foundress of the House of Devotion of the Most Holy Trinity of Seville for the care of orphan children.
PP. Mariano de San José, José de Jesús María, Prudencio de la Cruz, Segundo de Santa Teresa, Juan de Jesús y María, Luis de San Miguel de los Santos, Melchor del Espíritu Santo, Santiago de Jesús, fra Juan de la Virgen del Castellar, sister Francisca de la Encarnación and the lay Álvaro Cejudo Santos; martyrs of the religious persecution in Spain in the 20th Century. They were beatified, among others 487 martyrs, in October 28, 2007 in Rome.

Mons. di Donna (1901-1952). Venerable. Missionary in Madagascar. Bishop of Andria (Italy)

Servant of God Mariana Allsop, (1854-1932), cofoundress of the Trinitarian Sisters of Madrid, a life as mother dedicated to the abandoned young girls without a home.
Servant of God Angela of Sacred Hearth, (1900-1944), Trinitarian Sister of Valencia, witness of heroic charity in the concentration camp of Ravensbrück and Auschwiz where she died.